Photo credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor
Photo credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor




You’re literally living your dream life right now. Remember when they told you it was impossible to do it without them? Remember when you believed them? 

As you type this, you’re on a flight back to London after spending 2 weeks touring the USA with the US Embassy. People keep taking advantage of your kindness but you never fail to remind yourself that they can only treat you as well as they treat themselves. You’re often told that you’re wise beyond your years but it took a lot of pain for you to get here. You’re scared of settling for a mediocre life so you live every single day loudly, fruitfully and proudly. Why? Because we are all dying slowly.

You know what’s the biggest motivation? Leaving ungrateful people behind. There’s no greater teacher than loss. You’ve learnt to be confident enough to walk away from those who find it hard to make room for you. Because in the end, you’ll never miss what’s meant for you.

You’ve decided that you want to stop repeating your toxic traits and instead, start making peace with your past. Less overthinking, more water-drinking. Less cakes, more kale. If you learnt something, it was never a fail. Continue to be kind. Kindness never goes to waste.

This time next year, you’ll be plotting world domination at the dinner table with Michelle Obama. She doesn’t know it yet, but she needs your help.