(Shot by Johnny Fonseca)

DRESS: American Apparel 
GLASSES: American Apparel
BERET: Vintage (Handed down from Mother dearest)
EARRINGS: Kay Davis 

Shoutout to Johnny for the badass photography! He really captured me in the midst of my babygirl vibe. I've been feeling myself a lot more lately, and I hope by the end of you reading this post, you'll feel yourself a lot more too. If you're reading this, you deserve to feel good about yourself, babygirl.

I recently bought this dress in the American Apparel sale and surprisingly, it's actually a size XS, which is hilarious because I wear a size M in dresses even though I'm relatively slim (big booty, big boobies). I'm making a fuss out of the size of this dress because I think it's really sad and problematic that us women measure our beauty according to the letter or size on a garment label and it's insanity. I clearly do not look like a size XS, which is a size 4-6 yet, I 'fit' into it. Does that mean I'm extra small? Or does it mean I'm just wearing what looks good on my body according to my idea of 'good'? Every woman's body is different in size, proportion and weight so you should not attach any shame to being a size 14, a size 6 or a size 20 because at the end of the day, you're still size beautiful, homegirl! These are all numbers and letters used to put our bodies into boxes for the ease of selling items. 

I have to use this moment to talk about my amazingly glamorous pom-pom earrings that have been hand-made by the magnificent Kay Davis. She's definitely one woman I look up to because she's my definition of a girl-boss. A girl-boss is:
  • A woman who understands the value she has on this earth
  • A woman who fearlessly indulges in her talents
  • A woman who challenges the norm
  • A woman who slays in a world that really only accommodates men
  • A woman who embraces her own beauty
  • A woman who fights for her beliefs
  • A woman who shines with positivity, even when the world mocks her for it
Every woman has the potential to be a girl-boss. She must walk and talk like she deserves to be heard and to be seen. She must wake up with a purpose and go to sleep with a goal. She must be kind, compassionate but also firm and ready to clap back when unnecessarily disrespected. But most importantly, she must not let any man take advantage of her because her mere presence on this earth, alone, is a gift.

It's never too late to change and start believing in yourself, homegirl.


(Shot by Johnny Fonseca)

T-SHIRT: American Apparel 
DRESS: American Apparel
GLASSES: American Apparel
SOCKS: Topshop
TRAINERS: Nike Air Force I
WATCH: Christian Paul 
LIP: Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème in 'Covet'
RINGS: New Look

I'm so grateful for the friend I have in Johnny. He really respects, understands and supports me to the FULLEST! If you are reading this Johnny, shout out to you and shout out to your incredible photography that continues to bless my blog. Thank you for really setting apart time for me as your friend. 

(If anybody is looking for a photographer to work with, Johnny really is the person I would personally recommend - he is reliable, consistent and funny, too.)

As much as it's Winter over here in London, I refuse to be stopped. I will still wear cute outfits and cute shoes because coats and jackets exist for a reason. I believe that there's something really timeless and special about stripes. Stripes, everywhere. Give it all to me! The thing about stripes is: they make your curves look cuter. Try wearing a striped bodycon dress and you'll see exactly what I mean.

This year, I am really about looking cute and popping. If you are reading this, you are unstoppable and you deserve some heavy self-loving. But self-love isn't just about putting together cute outfits. It's also about being selective of who you let into your space, not allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, and understanding the importance of saying 'no' to things you'd normally say 'yes' to out of fear. The more you do things that scare you, the stronger you will be.

I'm currently in final year of uni and undergoing heaps of stress but I constantly have to remind myself that as long as I still have breath, I am still capable of doing something great. Affirm this to yourself every morning because you too, are capable.


(Shot by Johnny Fonseca)

FAUX FUR COAT: Freemans  
TWO-PIECE SUIT: Rokit Vintage*
STRIPED BODY: American Apparel
BRACELET: 21st birthday gift from mummy dearest

Every sassy lady needs an oversized fur coat in her life. Mine happens to be faux fur but the sentiment still applies. Fur coats justify outfits that consist of little to almost no clothes because the fur makes up for the lack of clothing. For that very reason, they are perfect for nights out with the girlies. I very recently bought this fur coat from Freemans. It did cost me £89 but it's worth it because you ain't seeing a faux fur coat like this again, hunny. I got mine in a size 28 for that insanely baggy look. For the first time, I wanted to try a suit look and I actually loved it. There's something so sophisticated about a woman in a suit.

In light of turning 21, I have decided to prepare a special post for you lovely earthlings. 21 journeys around the sun is quite a lot. And along those journeys, life has taught me some pretty awesome things. Nothing has been regrettable - even those embarrassing moments. Because every single decision you have made has led you up to this very point right now. Now.

1. Your over-protective mum just wants the best for you. Weirdly.

2. Silence can never be misquoted

3. There's no such thing as 'too busy' for something/someone you feel passionate about investing your time in. If you love it, you will make time for it.

4. Respect your time by only sharing it with people who you know deserve it or will benefit you.

5. Make friends with driven people you can learn something from.

6. If you don't have a strong enough sense of self, you eventually become the people you hang around with the most. Depending on the quality of friends you choose, this can either be a great thing or a bad thing.

7. The moment you have to remind someone you exist, you have devalued yourself.

8. Stay in school.

9. Know how to say 'no' and understand that you do not owe anybody any explanations once you have made a personal decision.

10. Stop waiting for people to give you opportunities. Create your own opportunities by being prepared for whatever comes your way. But that preparation can only come through consistent hard work.

11. You look the way you need to look because you are who you need to be. The person who deserves you will fall in love with the person beneath all those bones and braids. As my favourite philosopher, Alan Watts says, "When you get free from certain fixed concepts of the way the world is, you find it is far more subtle, and far more miraculous, than you thought it was." 

12. Be careful who you share your precious self with. 

13. Don't let a temporary state of mind put you in a permanent situation.

14. Be careful what you post. 

15. A quick solution will only get you temporary results. 

16. Be nice to your teachers.

17. "Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone." - Alan Watts 

18. If you do what someone else has done, you will get THEIR results.

19. There is a greater chance of us being abducted by aliens than there is of you 'dying alone'. You will find someone. 

20. Wanting everything to happen perfectly will give you anxiety, as my friend Tanaka says.

21. You are the only YOU in this entire vast, beautiful, endless universe. If that isn't worth celebrating DAILY, I don't know what is.

* = Gifted
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